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You are welcome to my page!

I am a singer-song-writer, living my life in Sweden.   
I am changing my homepage and have introduced "Song of the mounth" Each mounth with start Mars -18 am I going to publice one of the songs I have made and recorded in my simple homestudio. Instead of waiting for the possibilitys to make proffessional recordings and hoping to reach out with my music, I am now thinking it is better to put them out there in the shape I can give them all by myself. So, I am doing it all myself: writing the songs; lyrics and melodies, playing all the instruments and sing all the parts, and recording it with what resorses I have. 


 Most often I write in my own language, but somtimes the inspiration leads me to write in English. I will from time to time post some of my songs in english here at the homgepage. Keep in mind my recordcings are made in a very simple homestudio, and I do it all myself, singing, playing all the instruments and making the tech-stuff. 

I write songs from my heart, about everything in life. Love of course, happy and unhappy. But also everything else that inspires me, wich is pretty much everything in life! I have a need to express myself and my feelings in music. I am also known to be good at expressing others feelings, put them in words that you would like to say but maybe don´t know how.

On this site I have an offer to write songs for your special occasion. You have the need, I make the song! I have made songs for weddings and other celebrations, I have made childrens music and even music for a childrens musical. My "homebase" is pop with a melancolic touch, but I do all sorts of music. For me the lyrics are very important and I often start a new song by getting a phrase in my mind, wich soon gets a melody to accompany it.


Jag sjunger en egen sång till bruden vid ett bröllop

Let me make music of your feelings!
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